What we offer

Morph visuals prides itself in being a leader in the content strategy category. We offer content and communication consultancy services and develop high-quality explainer videos, animations, and video content that drives conversions, traffic, and engagement.

Content strategy

When it comes to digital strategy, content is very key. This is what attracts more followers to your social platforms. The right content will attract the right following who may end up becoming your customers/clients. Coming up with strategic marketing content will help generate more leads, boost sales and bring more brand awareness.

  • Do Research and analysis
  • Plan on content
  • Develop a content structure
  • Develop the content that works towards realizing your organization’s communication goals.

The content may range from Promo videos, Promo images, posters, ads, banners, TV commercial, documentaries, etc.
Based on the strategy we would develop the best content that works best for your business to bring in maximum yield. We have an experienced and talented production team consisting of photographers, filmmakers and designers who would ensure that the content is of high standard.

Explainer videos

Be it a product launch campaign, awareness, conversion or educational campaign, these videos work perfectly in speaking to your audience. They explain your products, services or programmes in a fun, simple and compelling way. Using this approach, we will break your complex idea or concept into digestible pieces that your audience can easily and quickly understand. You can use it as an ad in any campaign, be it social media or broadcast.


We will help in telling your product or brand story through 2D or 3D animation and motion graphics. Animation has proven to be one of the most powerful ways of telling a brand or product story in marketing and communication. This ideally helps in bringing brand awareness, driving engagement, traffic or conversions as it brings out the power of imagination and creativity in a way that captures the audience’s attention. It can be used as an ad in any campaign, be it social media or broadcast.