What we offer

We combine film, data visualization, photography, motion graphics, research and analysis to come up with beautiful, powerful and insightful data-driven products and experiences.

Media Strategy

Whether social media, broadcast, radio, website, mobile applications etc. we do our research and analysis to establish the best media strategy for you. Based on the developed media strategy, we create the platforms and do branding for them to best reflect your image.

Content strategy

When it comes to digital strategy, content is very key. This is what attracts more followers to your social platforms. The right content will attract the right following who may end up becoming your customers/clients. Coming up with strategic marketing content will help generate more leads, boost sales and bring more brand awareness.

  • Do Research and analysis
  • Plan on content
  • Develop a content structure
  • Develop the content that works towards realizing your organization’s communication goals.

The content may range from Promo videos, Promo images, posters, ads, banners, TV commercial, documentaries, etc.
Based on the strategy we would develop the best content that works best for your business to bring in maximum yield. We have an experienced and talented production team consisting of photographers, filmmakers and designers who would ensure that the content is of high standard.

Digital Marketing & Advertising Strategy

Having content is not only enough, the content needs to get to the maximum number of the intended audience at the right time. We do research to establish your target market and come up with the best strategy to reach them. We ensure the content reaches as many people as possible. To achieve this we embark on digital campaigns. We employ various techniques to help in the digital marketing process when running a campaign. Some of those techniques include:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Developing advertising plans.
  • Using Social media influencers.
  • Dedicated Email Marketing
  • Running paid campaigns across social media platforms.
  • Enhancing reviews on listing websites

Conventional Marketing Strategy

We come up with the most suitable marketing strategy for you, and sometimes it may require us to use conventional marketing strategies that were used before the internet era was widespread. Some of those techniques are:

  • Radio and television marketing
  • Print advertisements including newspaper ads
  • Billboard campaigns