When coming up with the best design, creativity and wit wins. These are the two very strategic guys you need when thinking of your next winning design. Creativity because your design needs to have a wow effect and stand out from the rest. Wit because your design needs to achieve the intended goal and work towards attaining the overall business/brand strategy. A design can be creative but fail to meet the overall intended objective, while a design can meet the overall intended objective but lack creativity. Which is better? To miss the goal or lack creativity and desirability? In my opinion none is better. Failing to meet one is failing the overall brand strategy. When a design lacks creativity it simply means that it cannot connect emotionally to its intended audience. Emotion is a very powerful tool in business and every salesperson can attest to that. On the other hand, when a design is creative but fails to meet the intended objective it’s like a fork that has a chain as its handle, it doesn’t meet its intended purpose which it was designed for. Conclusively, as much as you need creativity, you also need wit. Color, symmetry, and the rest are just principles of design which are taught in school. Creativity and wit is pure talent.

Think! Think! Think! That’s how strategies are formed. They say ‘in business strategy is everything’. They couldn’t have put it any better. A business without a strategy has ideally adopted luck as its strategy. Let’s leave luck to gamblers. Every day goals are set by individuals, organizations, companies, institutions etc. and every goal needs a strategy. That is essentially the link between you and your goal. It is what keeps brands alive, moving and successful for generations despite evolution in technology, people, culture and environment. As the political, economic, social or technological environment changes, the strategy should also evolve to help your business adapt to the new environment. We have heard of big established companies which fell once the technological environment changed. Strategy should be always tweaked based on client or customer needs. Its formulation is a continuous process which does not stop at the drafting of a business plan. Having established the need for a strategy, all you need is a strategy that works. Creativity and wit plays a major role when coming up with one. Creativity comes in because you need creative solutions to the modern day challenges, and wit because the strategy needs to help you achieve the overall intended goal.



Our very own, Evans Kibet Sawe, participated in the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) LOGO competition code named HudumaNamba advertised by NIIMS Secretariat at the Government Press. He emerged the second overall winner and is pictured receiving a dummy cheque from Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government Principal Secretary Dr. Karanja Kibicho.

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